Welcome to PHS Football!

See you in the Fall!

Congratulations to this years golf ball drop winners! Thank you for your support! We are gearing up to order much needed new uniforms this fall!

1st Place               Cheryl Whiteside – $1,000.00

2nd Place              Emile Ethier III – $500.00

3rd Place               Peter Cimaglia – $250.00

4th Place               Ellen Cockey – $250.00

5th Place               Dan Elshant – $250.00

6th Place               Kristen Habershaw – $100.00

7th Place               Lennie Petze – $100.00

8th Place               Kevin O’Keefe – $100.00

9th Place               Melissa Wordell – $100.00

10th Place             James Costa – $100.00

11th Place             Joseph Silva – $100.00

12th Place             Ed Ferreira – $100.00

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Check out some of the seasons photos by Louis Walker!